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    • Bycrystal interface energy computation of growth and alignment of facets in nanocrystalline cooper 

      Ayuso Martínez, Mónica (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2017-09-22)
      Bachelor thesis
      Restricted access - author's decision
      Covenantee:   University of Colorado Colorado Springs
      Grain boundaries are of great importance in polycrystalline materials on account of the major influence they have on their properties and behavior. Deformation twining, interface sliding, recrystallization or microstructure ...
    • Fabrication and deposition of copper and copper oxide nanoparticles by laser ablation in open air 

      Fernández Arias, M.; Boutinguiza Larosi, Mohamed; del Val García, Jesús; Riveiro, A.; Rodríguez Aranda, Daniel; Arias González, Felipe; Gil Mur, Javier; Pou Saracho, Juan María (2020-02)
      Open Access
      The proximity of the “post-antibiotic era”, where infections and minor injuries could be a cause of death, there are urges to seek an alternative for the cure of infectious diseases. Copper nanoparticles and their huge ...
    • Grain boundary mediated plasticity: the role of grain boundary atomic structure and thermal activation 

      Terentyev, Dimitry; Bakaev, A.; Serra Tort, Ana María; Pavia, F.; Baker, K. L.; Anento Moreno, Napoleón (2018-03)
      Open Access
      The interaction of dislocation pile-ups with several tilt grain boundaries (GB) is studied in copper by using a hybrid continuum-atomistic approach. The effects of temperature, pile-up intensity and GB structure on absorption ...
    • Influencia de la oxidación superficial del polvo de Cu en la obtención de piezas consolidadas de cobre con tamaño de grano nanométrico 

      Adán Diez, Alejandro (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2008-10)
      Master thesis (pre-Bologna period)
      Open Access
      En el presente proyecto se ha intentado mejorar el procedimiento de obtención de compactos de partículas de cobre con tamaño de grano nanométrico. El objetivo principal ha sido reducir la capa de óxido superficial que ...
    • Microstructure and properties of copper deformed by accumulative roll-bonding 

      Núñez Aguilar, Carlota (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya / Wuhan University, 2013)
      Bachelor thesis
      Open Access
      Accumulative Roll Bonding (ARB), which is a process of severe plastic deformation (SPD), was applied to commercially pure copper 99, 97 % by performing up to 7 ARB cycles at room temperature (RT) conditions without ...
    • Production of nanotwinned copper via cryogenic milling 

      Krämer, Günther Andreas (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2012-09)
      Master thesis
      Open Access
      Nanostructured copper powder was synthesized using high velocity cryomilling in order to induce deformation twinning and deformation twins in the refined microstructure. The powder was cold compacted and the Vickers ...
    • The role of the excess volume at the nucleation of plastic deformation in metals 

      Kryzhevich, Dmitrij S.; Korchuganov, Aleksandr V.; Zolnikov, Konstantin P.; Psakhie, Sergey G. (CIMNE, 2015)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access
      The computer simulation results on the atomic structure of the copper crystallite and its behavior in nanoindentation demonstrate the key role of local structural transformations in nucleation of plasticity. The generation ...