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    • Ground-based hyperspectral analysis of the urban nightscape 

      Alamús, Ramón; Bará Viñas, Salvador; Corbera, Jordi; Escofet Soteras, Jaume; Palà, Vicenç; Pipia, Luca; Tardà, Anna (2017-02-28)
      Open Access
      Airborne hyperspectral cameras provide the basic information to estimate the energy wasted skywards by outdoor lighting systems, as well as to locate and identify their sources. However, a complete characterization of the ...
    • High resolution soil moisture retrieval using optical and GNSS-R airborne data 

      Castellví Esturi, Jordi; Camps Carmona, Adriano José; Corbera, Jordi; Alamús, Ramón (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019)
      Conference lecture
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      Soil moisture is a key indicator for the management of a resource as precious and scarce as water. Sectors such as agriculture, environmental monitoring, and territory management, need to know the soil hydrological stress ...
    • Monografies del Montseny-34 

      Farrerons Vidal, Óscar; Armengol, Antoni; Avila Castells, Anna; Carandell Baruzzi, Miquel; Cateura Valls, Xavier; Illa Colomer, Joan; Font Valentí, Gemma; Duran Tort, Carola; Fernández Martínez, Marcos; Corbera, Jordi; Galea Apolo, Nemesio; Jordi Majem, Xavier; López Cortijo, Joan; Pagès Rovira, Josep; Panareda Clopés, Josep M.; Masnou Clopés, Josep; Pladevall Font, Antoni; Portals Martí, Joan; Reberté Ferran, Joaquim; Roma Casanovas, Francesc; Cardona, Ferran; Vilallonga, Jordi (2019-05-30)
      Open Access
      Durant més de trenta anys les Monografies del Montseny han recollit part de la història d’aquest massís Reserva de la Biosfera. S’hi ha escrit de naturalesa i llegendes, de fonts i romànic, de pintors i poetes, de guerres ...
    • Single-pass soil moisture retrievals using GNSS-R: lessons learned 

      Camps Carmona, Adriano José; Hyuk, Park; Castellví Esturi, Jordi; Corbera, Jordi; Ascaso, Emili (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2020-06-01)
      Open Access
      In this paper, an algorithm to retrieve surface soil moisture from GNSS-R (Global Navigaton Satellite System Reflectometry) observations is presented. Surface roughness and vegetation effects are found to be the most ...
    • Urban planning and agriculture. Methodology for assessing rooftop greenhouse potential of non-residential areas using airborne sensors 

      Nadal, Ana; Alamús, Ramón; Pipia, Luca; Ruiz García, Antonio; Corbera, Jordi; Cuerva Contreras, Eva; Rieradevall Pons, Joan; Josa Garcia-Tornel, Alejandro (Elsevier, 2017-12-01)
      Open Access
      The integration of rooftop greenhouses (RTGs) in urban buildings is a practice that is becoming increasingly important in the world for their contribution to food security and sustainable development. However, the supply ...