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  • ArchiTech: tool support for NFR-guided architectural decision-making 

    Ameller, David; Collell, Oriol; Franch Gutiérrez, Javier (IEEE, 2012)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Researchers from requirements engineering and software architecture had emphasized the importance of NonFunctional Requirements and their influence in the architectural design process. To improve this process we have ...
  • Development of service-oriented architectures using model-driven development : a mapping study 

    Ameller, David; Burgués Illa, Xavier; Collell, Oriol; Costal Costa, Dolors; Franch Gutiérrez, Javier; Papazoglou, Mike P. (2015-06-01)
    Open Access
    Context: Model-Driven Development (MDD) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) are two challenging research areas in software engineering. MDD is about improving software development whilst SOA is a service-based conceptual ...
  • The three-layer architectural pattern applied to plug-in-based architectures : the Eclipse case 

    Ameller, David; Collell, Oriol; Franch Gutiérrez, Javier (Wiley, 2013-04-01)
    Restricted access - publisher's policy
    The process of designing a software architecture using different kinds of components is often challenging. Different designs support some quality attributes while damaging others; therefore, trade-off analysis is needed ...