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  • Earthquake Monitoring and Response from Space: The TREMOR Concept 

    Harrison, Paul; Christensen, Ian A.; Coffey, Emily; Hochstein, Jason; Rojas Gregorio, José Ignacio (2008-04-17)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Earthquakes and their after-effects claim thousands of lives and cause enormous property damage each year. Early warning of impending seismological events has the potential to reduce human suffering and physical damage ...
  • Improved earthquake response via simulation and integrated space- and ground-based technologies: the TREMOR proposal 

    Hochstein, Jason; Rasheed, Adam; Stone, Jennifer; Coffey, Emily; Martin, Annie; Qiang, Feng; Christensen, Ian A.; Borrero del Pino, Cristina (2008)
    Working paper
    Open Access
    Earthquakes occurring around the world each year cause thousands of deaths, millions of dollars in damage to infrastructure, and incalculable human suffering. In recent years, satellite technology has been a significant ...