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    • 5 year-long monitoring of Barkley Canyon cold-seeps with the internet operated deep-sea crawler "Wally" 

      Chatzievangelou, Damianos; Thomsen, Laurez; Purser, Autun; Doya, Carolina; Aguzzi, Jacopo; Schwendner, Jacob; Duda, Alexander; Best, Mairi M.R.; Leo, Fabio De; Juniper, Kim (SARTI, 2016)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access
      Despite the technological advances of the last decades (e.g. ROVs, AUVs, cabled observatories), our knowledge of most deep-sea environments is still strongly limited by spatio-temporal sampling and observational capabilities. ...
    • Integrating diel vertical migrations of bioluminescent deep scattering layers into monitoring programs 

      Chatzievangelou, Damianos; Bahamón Rivera, Nixon; Martini, Séverine; Río Fernandez, Joaquín del; Riccobene, Giorgio; Tangherlini, Michael; Danovaro, Roberto; De Leo, Fabio C.; Pirenne, Benoît; Aguzzi, Jacopo (Frontiers Media, 2021-05-28)
      Open Access
      The deep sea (i.e., 200 m depth) is a highly dynamic environment where benthic ecosystems are functionally and ecologically connected with the overlying water column and the surface. In the aphotic deep sea, organisms rely ...
    • The Hierarchic treatment of marine ecological information from spatial networks of benthic platforms 

      Aguzzi, Jacopo; Chatzievangelou, Damianos; Francescangeli, Marco; Marini, Simone; Bonofiglio, Federico; Río Fernandez, Joaquín del; Danovaro, Roberto (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2020-03-21)
      Open Access
      Measuring biodiversity simultaneously in different locations, at different temporal scales, and over wide spatial scales is of strategic importance for the improvement of our understanding of the functioning of marine ...
    • The potential of video imagery from worldwide cabled observatory networks to provide information supporting fish-stock and biodiversity assessment 

      Aguzzi, Jacopo; Chatzievangelou, Damianos; Company Vidal, José Luis; Thomsen, L.; Bonofiglio, Federico; Juanes, Francis; Rountree, Rodney A.; Berry, Alan; Chumbinho, Rogério; Lordan, Colm; Doyle, Jennifer; Río Fernandez, Joaquín del; Navarro, Joan; De Leo, Fabio C.; Bahamón Rivera, Nixon; García del Arco, José Antonio; Danovaro, Roberto; Francescangeli, Marco; López-Vázquez, Vanesa; Gaughan, P. (2020-11-12)
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      Seafloor multiparametric fibre-optic-cabled video observatories are emerging tools for standardized monitoring programmes, dedicated to the production of real-time fishery-independent stock assessment data. Here, we propose ...