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  • New control strategy to allow the photovoltaic systems operation under grid faults 

    Azevedo, Gustavo M.S.; Rodríguez Cortés, Pedro; Cavalcanti, Marcelo C.; Vázquez Guzmán, Gerardo; Neves, F. (2009)
    Conference lecture
    Open Access
    This paper presents a new control strategy that allows the photovoltaic system operation under grid faults without overcurrent and assuring grid sinusoidal currents. The current limiter is made indirectly by using an ...
  • Safe current injection strategies for a STATCOM under asymmetrical grid faults 

    Rodríguez Cortés, Pedro; Medeiros, G.; Luna Alloza, Álvaro; Cavalcanti, Marcelo C.; Teodorescu, Remus (2010)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    This paper explores different strategies to set the reference current of a STATCOM under unbalanced grid voltage conditions and determines the maximum deliverable reactive power in each case to guarantee the injected ...