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  • Recommendations for the quantitative analysis of landslide risk 

    Corominas Dulcet, Jordi; van Westen, Cees; Frattini, P.; Cascini, L; Malet, Jean-Philippe; Fotopoulou, Stavroula D.; Catani, F; Mavrouli, Olga Christina; Pitilakis, Kyriazis D.; Winter, Mike (2014-05)
    Open Access
    This paper presents recommended methodologies for the quantitative analysis of landslide hazard, vulnerability and risk at different spatial scales (site-specific, local, regional and national), as well as for the verification ...
  • Transportation conditions for prompt use of Ex Vivo expanded and freshly harvested clinical-grade bone marrow mesenchymal stromal/stem cells for bone regeneration 

    Varonesi, E; Murgia, A; Caselli, A; Grisendi, G; Piccinno, M.S; Rasini, V; Giordano, Roberto; Montemurro, T; Bourin, P; Sensebe, L; Rojewski, M.T; Schrezenmeier, H; Layrolle, P; Ginebra Molins, Maria Pau; Penaitescu, C.B; Gomez Barrena, E; Catani, F; Paolucci, P; Burns, J.S; Dominici, M (2014-03)
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    Successful preliminary studies have encouraged a more translational phase for stem cell research. Nevertheless, advances in the culture of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal/stem cells (hBM-MSC) and osteoconductive ...