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    • Neural network language models to select the best translation 

      Khalilov, Maxim; Rodríguez Fonollosa, José Adrián; Zamora Martínez, Francisco; Castro Bleda, María José; España Boquera, Salvador (2013-12-20)
      Open Access
      The quality of translations produced by statistical machine translation (SMT) systems crucially depends on the generalization ability provided by the statistical models involved in the process. While most modern SMT ...
    • Reaching consensus on communication of critical laboratory results using a collective intelligence method 

      Llovet, Maria Isabel; Biosca, Carmen; Martínez-Iribarren, Alicia; Blanco, Aurora; Busquets, Glòria; Castro Bleda, María José; Llopis, Maria Antonia; Montesinos, Mercé; Minchinela, Joana; Perich, Carme; Prieto, Judith; Ruiz, Rosa; Serrat, Núria; Simón, Margarita; Trejo Omeñaca, Alejandro; Monguet Fierro, José María; Ibarz, Mercè; López-Pablo, Carlos (2017-10-23)
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      There is no consensus in the literature about what analytes or values should be informed as critical results and how they should be communicated. The main aim of this project is to establish consensual standards of critical ...