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    • MODEX: Laboratory experiment exploring sediment spreading of a mound under waves and currents 

      de Schipper, Matthieu; Hopkins, Julia; Wengrove, Meagan E.; Saxoni, Ioanna; Kleinhans Maarten, G.; Senechal, Nadia; Castelle, Bruno; Ribas Prats, Francesca; Ruessink, Gerben; Murphy, Brendan; McLelland, Stuart J. (World Scientific, 2019)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      The dispersal of sand from submerged mounds in the nearshore is driven by the interplay of processes such as converging and recirculating flows, changing roughness, bed slope effects and wave focusing/refraction. ...
    • On the use of linear stability model to characterize the morphological behaviour of a double bar system. Application to Truc Vert beach (France) 

      Brivois, Olivier; Idier, Déborah; Thiébot, Jérôme; Castelle, Bruno; Le Cozannet, Gonéri; Calvete Manrique, Daniel (2012-05-22)
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      Sandy barred beaches are often characterized by the presence of rhythmic patterns such as crescentic bars. In this article, a linear stability analysis (LSA) model is used to characterize the morphological behaviour of the ...
    • Vulnerability of sandy coasts to climate variability 

      Idier, Deborah; Castelle, Bruno; Poumadère, Marc; Balouin, Yann; Bohn Bertoldo, Raquel; Bouchette, Fréderic; Boulahya, Faiza; Brivois, Olivier; Calvete Manrique, Daniel; Capo, Sylvain; Certain, Raphael; Charles, Elodie; Chateauminois, Eric; Delvallée, Etienne; Falqués Serra, Albert; Fattal, Paul; Garcin, Manuel; Garnier, Roland; Héquette, Arnaud; Larroudé, Philippe; Lecacheux, Sophie; Le Cozannet, Gonéri; Maanan, Mohamed; Mallet, Cyril; Maspataud, Aurélie; Oliveros, Carlos; Paillart, Martin; Parisot, Jean-Paul; Pedreros, Rodrigo; Robin, Nicolas; Robin, Marc; Romieu, Emmanuel; Ruz, Marie-Hélène; Thiebot, Jerome; Vinchon, Charlotte (2013-06-13)
      Open Access
      The main objective of the VULSACO (VULnerability of SAndy COasts to climate change and anthropic pressure) project was to investigate present day and potential future vulnerability of sandy coasts at the 2030 horizon, i.e. ...