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    • A novel expert opinion-based approach to compute estimations of flood damage to property in dense urban environments. Barcelona case study 

      Martínez Gomariz, Eduardo; Forero Ortiz, Edwar Andres; Russo, Beniamino; Locatelli, Luca; Guerrero Hidalga, María; Yubero, Daniel; Castan, Salvador (Elsevier, 2021-07)
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      A certain acceptable level of risk in a major drainage system must be established since urban areas cannot be made entirely free from pluvial flooding. Among the diversity of flood risks in urban areas, direct damage to ...
    • Flood depth-damage curves for Spanish urban areas 

      Martínez Gomariz, Eduardo; Forero Ortiz, Edwar Andres; Guerrero Hidalga, María; Castan, Salvador; Gómez Valentín, Manuel (2020-04)
      Open Access
      Depth‒damage curves, also known as vulnerability curves, are an essential element of many flood damage models. A relevant characteristic of these curves is their applicability limitations in space and time. The reader will ...