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    • A single-residue substitution inhibits fibrillization of Ala-based pentapeptides. A spectroscopic and molecular dynamics investigation 

      Caruso, M.; Gatto, Emanuela; Placidi, E.; Venanzi, Mariano; Ballano Ballano, María Gema; Formaggio, Fernando; Toniolo, Claudio; Zanuy Gomara, David; Alemán Llansó, Carlos (2014-01-01)
      Open Access
      The aggregation properties of two Ala-based pentapeptides were investigated by spectroscopic techniques and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. The two peptides, both functionalized at the N-terminus with a pyrenyl group, ...
    • Self-Assembly of a Designed Amyloid Peptide Containing the Functional Thienylalanine Unit 

      Zanuy Gomara, David; Revilla López, Guillermo; Hamley, I. W.; Brown, Gordon D.A.; Castelletto, V.; Cheng, G.; Venanzi, M.; Caruso, M.; Placidi, E.; Alemán Llansó, Carlos (2010-08-19)
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      The self-assembly of a peptide based on a sequence from the amyloid peptide but incorporating the nonnatural amino acid -2-thienylalanine (2-Thi) has been investigated in aqueous and methanol solutions. The peptide ...