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    • How building and district algorithms enhance renewable energy integration in energy markets 

      Canals Casals, Lluc; Corchero García, Cristina; Ortiz, Joana; Salom, Jaume; Cardoner, David; Igualada González, Lucía; Carrillo, Rafael E.; Stauffer, Yves (2019)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      This study shows the results of the SABINA H2020 project, which analyzes the effect of two level optimization algorithms to increase the consumption of renewable power sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. First, ...
    • Reliability assessment of a fault-tolerant PV multistring inverter 

      Renaudineau, Hugues Jean-Marie; Paradell-Solà, Pol; Trilla Romero, Lluís; Filbà Martínez, Àlber; Cardoner, David; Domínguez García, José Luis (2020-12-10)
      Open Access
      In photovoltaic (PV) systems, the reliability of the system components, especially the power converters, is a major concern in obtaining cost effective solutions. In order to guarantee service continuity in the case of ...