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    • A note on flips in diagonal rectangulations 

      Cardinal, Jean; Sacristán Adinolfi, Vera; Silveira, Rodrigo Ignacio (Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2018-11-09)
      Open Access
      Rectangulations are partitions of a square into axis-aligned rectangles. A number of results provide bijections between combinatorial equivalence classes of rectangulations and families of pattern-avoiding permutations. ...
    • Cell-paths in mono- and bichromatic line arrangements in the plane 

      Aichholzer, Oswin; Cardinal, Jean; Hackl, Thomas; Hurtado Díaz, Fernando Alfredo; Korman Cozzetti, Matías; Pilz, Alexander; Silveira, Rodrigo Ignacio; Uehara, Ryuhei; Vogtenhuber, Birgit; Welzl, Emo (2014)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      We show that in every arrangement of n red and blue lines | in general position and not all of the same color | there is a path through a linear number of cells where red and blue lines are crossed alternatingly (and no ...
    • Matching points with things 

      Taslakian, Perouz; Seara Ojea, Carlos; Saumell Mendiola, Maria; Langerman, Stefan; Hurtado Díaz, Fernando Alfredo; Aloupis, Greg; Cardinal, Jean; Collette, Sébastien; Demaine, Erik D.; Demaine, Martin L.; Dulieu, Muriel; Fabila Monroy, Ruy; Hart, Vi (Springer Verlag, 2010)
      Conference report
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      Given an ordered set of points and an ordered set of geometric objects in the plane, we are interested in finding a non-crossing matching between point-object pairs. We show that when the objects we match the points to ...