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    • A methodology for full-system power modeling in heterogeneous data centers 

      Canuto, Mauro; Bosch, Raimon; Macías Lloret, Mario; Guitart Fernández, Jordi (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2016)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access
      The need for energy-awareness in current data centers has encouraged the use of power modeling to estimate their power consumption. However, existing models present noticeable limitations, which make them application-dependent, ...
    • Experimental and numerical analysis for potential heat reuse in liquid cooled data centres 

      Carbó, Andreu; Oró, Eduard; Salom, Jaume; Canuto, Mauro; Macías Lloret, Mario; Guitart Fernández, Jordi (2016-03-15)
      Open Access
      The rapid increase of data centre industry has stimulated the interest of both researchers and professionals in order to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint of these unique infrastructures. The implementation ...
    • Integrated policy management framework for IaaS cloud middleware 

      Canuto, Mauro; Guitart Fernández, Jordi (2016-05)
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      As a result of the rapid growth of Cloud Computing, several Cloud middleware solutions for the creation and automated management of virtual appliances have been released. Generally, these solutions offer some predefined ...
    • Integrated policy management framework of the EMOTIVE cloud middleware 

      Canuto, Mauro (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya / Politecnico di Torino, 2012-09)
      Master thesis
      Open Access
      This project entails the implementation of a policy engine within the EMOTIVE middleware that can load and enforce dynamically policies for virtual machines placement and scheduling operations in a Cloud infrastructure.