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  • Challenges of the recreational use of Amazon beaches 

    Cajueiro Carneiro Pereira, Luci; de Sousa-Felix, Rosigleyse Corrêa; da Costa, Rauquírio Marinho; Jiménez Quintana, José Antonio (2018-11)
    Open Access
    The Amazon coast is characterized by a heterogeneous landscape, ranging from zones of intense urban development to sparsely-populated areas with little or no infrastructure or public services (Szlafstein, 2012). The most ...
  • Federal conservation units in the Brazilian amazon coastal zone: an adequate approach to control recreational activities? 

    Coelho Pessoa, Rubem Manoel; Jiménez Quintana, José Antonio; da Costa, Rauquírio Marinho; Cajueiro Carneiro Pereira, Luci (2019-08)
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    Coastal tourism usually is of enormous interest to local coastal communities due to its potential for the creation of jobs and the generation of income. Within this context, beaches are the main resource since they comprise ...