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    • Rationally designed azobenzene photoswitches for efficient two-photon neuronal excitation 

      Cabré, Gisela; Garrido-Charle, Aida; Moreno, Miquel; Bosch, Miquel; Porta-de-la-Riva, Montserrat; Krieg, Michael; Gascón-Moya, Marta; Camarero, Núria; Gelabert, Ricard; Lluch, José M.; Busqué, Félix; Hernando, Jordi; Gorostiza, Pau; Alibés, Ramon (Nature, 2019-02-22)
      Open Access
      Manipulation of neuronal activity using two-photon excitation of azobenzene photoswitches with near-infrared light has been recently demonstrated, but their practical use in neuronal tissue to photostimulate individual ...