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    • Measurement of the240Pu(n,f) cross-section at the CERN n-TOF facility: First results from EAR-2 

      Tsinganis, A.; Stamatopoulos, A.; Colonna, Nicola; Vlastou, R.; Barbagallo, Massimo; Berthoumieux, Eric; Calviani, Marco; Andrzejewski, Józef; Audouin, Ludmila; Bécares, Vicente; Bosnar, Damir; Brugger, Matthias; Caamaño, Manuel; Calviño Tavares, Francisco; Cortés Rossell, Guillem Pere (2015)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      The accurate knowledge of neutron cross-sections of a variety of plutonium isotopes and other minor actinides, such as neptunium, americium and curium, is crucial for feasibility and performance studies of advanced nuclear ...