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    • Business board game 

      Karapetjan, Gohar; Torelló Massana, Maria del Mar; Gallard, Victor; Meulemans, Sam; Stępień, Michał; Thys, Simon (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2015-05-15)
      Bachelor thesis
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      Covenantee:   Yrkeshögskolan Novia
      Create an entertaining, engaging game which allows students to gain basic knowledge about principal rules of economics and give a feeling that doing business can be fun. A clear task, but one that demands a lot of creative ...
    • Development in pedagogical tools: case study videos on innovative local entrepreneurship 

      Pedraza, Aura; Bravo Ibarra, Edna Rocío; Amante García, Beatriz (2012)
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      The purpose of this study was to explore the results of the use of videos on case of local business ventures, with the aim of complementing the learning process in the Chair of Business Creation of the School of Industrial ...
    • Do business games foster skills? A cross-cultural study from learners’ views 

      Hernández Lara, Ana Beatriz; Serradell-Lopez, Enric; Fitó Bertran, Maria Àngels (OmniaScience, 2018-04)
      Open Access
      Purpose: This study seeks to analyse students’ perception of the effectiveness of business games as an e-learning method in management training. This analysis of games’ effectiveness is centred in the generic and managerial ...
    • Early internationalization patterns and export market persistence: a pseudo-panel data analysis 

      Vaillant, Yancy; Lafuente González, Esteban Miguel; Bayon, Manoj (Springer, 2019)
      Open Access
      This study evaluates the international market persistence of early exporting businesses. The relationship between time in the market and export propensity/intensity levels was analyzed to identify the persistence of the ...
    • Los foros internos de transmisión de conocimiento como herramienta potenciadora de la creatividad e innovación 

      Sáiz Segarra, Miguel Ángel; Freixa, Antoni; Oliveras Mérida, Víctor (2011)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access
      Por todos es sabido que la Gestión del conocimiento busca transferir el conocimiento y la experiencia existente en las organizaciones al máximo número de sus miembros. Uno de los mecanismos empleados para alcanzar este ...
    • Meaningful learning in business through serious games 

      Urquidi Martín, Ana Cristina; Tamarit Aznar, Carmen (OmniaScience, 2017-10)
      Open Access
      Purpose: The requirements of a business executive include the talent and creativity to solve problems and adapt to continuous changes presented by the economic and social environment. However, the university does not ...