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  • A practical method to estimate the resolving power of a chemical sensor array: application to feature selection 

    Fernández Romero, Lluís; Yan, Jia; Fonollosa Magrinyà, Jordi; Burgués, Javier; Gutierrez Galvez, Agustín; Marco Colás, Santiago (2018-06-12)
    Open Access
    A methodology to calculate analytical figures of merit is not well established for detection systems that are based on sensor arrays with low sensor selectivity. In this work, we present a practical approach to estimate ...
  • Discontinuously operated MOX sensors for low power applications 

    Burgués, Javier; Fonollosa Magrinyà, Jordi; Marco, Santiago (2017)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Metal oxide semiconductor sensors are limited by their low selectivity, high power consumption and temporal drift. This paper proposes a novel discontinuous temperature modulation operation mode characterized by ondemand ...