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  • Analysis of correlation between an accelerometer-Based algorithm for Detecting Parkinsonian gait and UPDRS subscales 

    Rodríguez Molinero, Alejandro; Samà Monsonís, Albert; Pérez López, Carlos; Rodríguez Martín, Daniel Manuel; Alcaine, Sheila; Mestre, Berta; Quispe, Paola; Giuliani, Benedetta; Vainstein, Gabriel; Browne, Patrick; Sweeney, Dean; Moreno Aróstegui, Juan Manuel; Bayés, Àngels; Lewy, Hadas; Costa, Alberto; Annicchiarico, Roberta; Counihan, Timothy; ÓLaighin, Gearóid; Cabestany Moncusí, Joan (2017-09-01)
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    Background: Our group earlier developed a small monitoring device, which uses accelerometer measurements to accurately detect motor fluctuations in patients with Parkinson’s (On and Off state) based on an algorithm that ...
  • Deep learning for freezing of gait detection in Parkinson’s disease patients in their homes using a waist-worn inertial measurement unit 

    Camps, Julià; Samà Monsonís, Albert; Martín Muñoz, Mario; Rodríguez Martín, Daniel Manuel; Pérez López, Carlos; Moreno Aróstegui, Juan Manuel; Cabestany Moncusí, Joan; Català Mallofré, Andreu; Alcaine, Sheila; Mestre, Berta; Prats, Anna; Crespo, M. Cruz; Counihan, Timothy; Browne, Patrick; Quinlan, Leo R.; ÓLaighin, Gearóid; Sweeney, Dean; Lewy, Hadas; Vainstein, Gabriel; Costa, Alberto; Annicchiarico, Roberta; Bayés, Àngels; Rodríguez Molinero, Alejandro (2017-10-16)
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    Among Parkinson’s disease (PD) motor symptoms, freezing of gait (FOG) may be the most incapacitating. FOG episodes may result in falls and reduce patients’ quality of life. Accurate assessment of FOG would provide objective ...
  • Posture detection with waist-worn accelerometer : an application to improve Freezing of Gait detection in Parkinson’s disease patients 

    Rodríguez Martín, Daniel Manuel; Samà Monsonís, Albert; Pérez López, Carlos; Català Mallofré, Andreu; Cabestany Moncusí, Joan; Browne, Patrick; Rodríguez Molinero, Alejandro (Ios Press, 2015-09-15)
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    Freezing of Gait (FoG) is one of the most disturbing symptoms in Parkinson’s disease (PD). Current algorithms that detect this symptom depend on frequency features extracted from wearable systems. These algorithms have ...