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  • The CAMOMILE collaborative annotation platform for multi-modal, multi-lingual and multi-media documents 

    Poignant, Johann; Budnik, Mateusz; Bredin, Herve; Barras, Claude; Adda, Gilles; Hernando Pericás, Francisco Javier; Mariani, Joseph; Morros Rubió, Josep Ramon (European Language Resources Association, 2016)
    Conference lecture
    Open Access
    In this paper, we describe the organization and the implementation of the CAMOMILE collaborative annotation framework for multimodal, multimedia, multilingual (3M) data. Given the versatile nature of the analysis which ...
  • Towards large scale multimedia indexing: a case study on person discovery in broadcast news 

    Le, Nam; Bredin, Herve; Sergent, Gabriel; India Massana, Miquel Àngel; López-Otero, Paula; Barras, Claude; Guinaudeau, Camille; Gravier, Guillaume; Barbosa da Fonseca, Gabriel; Lyon Freire, Izabela; Patrocinio Jr., Zenilton; Jamil F. Guimarães, Silvio; Martí Juan, Gerard; Morros Rubió, Josep Ramon; Hernando Pericás, Francisco Javier; Docio-Fernández, Laura; García-Mateo, Carmen; Meignier, Sylvain; Odobez, Jean-Marc (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2017)
    Conference report
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    The rapid growth of multimedia databases and the human interest in their peers make indices representing the location and identity of people in audio-visual documents essential for searching archives. Person discovery ...