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  • Design and qualification of a supersonic wind tunnel for induced boundary layer transition research 

    Bottini, Henny; Paniagua, Guillermo; Schreivogel, Peter; Sonda, Alberto; Heras Jiménez, Salvador Augusto de las (2015-03-01)
    Open Access
    This paper presents the design and the results of the qualification test campaign of a multiple Mach number supersonic wind tunnel designed for induced boundary layer transition. Its characteristics, function, and ...
  • Experimental investigation of induced supersonic boundary layer transition 

    Bottini, Henny (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2014-03-28)
    Doctoral thesis
    Open Access
    Turbulence onset within an initially laminar flow is one of the most common phenomenon in Fluid Mechanics, yet is an open field of research. This is due to the many and diverse causes that can trigger turbulence, which ...