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  • Experimental neutron capture data of 58Ni from the CERN n_TOF facility 

    Zugec, P.; Barbagallo, M.; Colonna, Nicola; Bosnar, D.; Altstadt, S.; Andrzejewski, J.; Audouin, L.; Calviño Tavares, Francisco; Cortés Rossell, Guillem Pere; Gómez Hornillos, María Belén; Riego Pérez, Albert (2014-01-09)
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    The 58Ni(n,γ ) cross section has been measured at the neutron time of flight facility n_TOF at CERN, in the energy range from 27 meV up to 400 keV. In total, 51 resonances have been analyzed up to 122 keV. Maxwellian ...