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    • Integrating a large domain ontology of species into WordNet 

      Cuadros Oller, Montserrat; Laparra, Egoitz; Rigau Claramunt, German; Vossen, Piek; Bosma, Wauter (2010)
      Conference report
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      With the proliferation of applications sharing information represented in multiple ontologies, the development of automatic methods for robust and accurate ontology matching will be crucial to their success. Connecting and ...
    • Linking a domain thesaurus to WordNet and conversion to WordNet-LMF 

      Toral, Antonio; Monachini, Monica; Soria, Claudia; Cuadros Oller, Montserrat; Rigau Claramunt, German; Bosma, Wauter; Vossen, Piek (2010)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      We present a methodology to link domain thesauri to general-domain lexica. This is applied in the framework of the KYOTO project to link the Species2000 thesaurus to the synsets of the English WordNet. Moreover, we ...