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    • Cross-layer system reliability assessment framework for hardware faults 

      Vallero, Alessandro; Savino, Alessandro; Politano, Gianfranco; Di Carlo, Stefano; Chatzidimitriou, Athanansios; Tselonis, Sotiris; Kaliorakis, Manolis; Gizipoulos, Dimitris; Riera Villanueva, Marc; Canal Corretger, Ramon; González Colás, Antonio María; Kooli, Maha; Bosio, Alberto; Di Natale, Giorgio (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2016)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      System reliability estimation during early design phases facilitates informed decisions for the integration of effective protection mechanisms against different classes of hardware faults. When not all system abstraction ...
    • SyRA: early system reliability analysis for cross-layer soft errors resilience in memory arrays of microprocessor systems 

      Vallero, Alessandro; Savino, Alessandro; Chatzidimitriou, Athanansios; Kaliorakis, Manolis; Kooli, Maha; Riera Villanueva, Marc; Di Natale, Giorgio; Bosio, Alberto; Canal Corretger, Ramon; Gizopoulos, Dimitris; Di Carlo, Stefano; Anglada Sanchez , Martí; González Colás, Antonio María; Mariani, R. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018-01-01)
      Open Access
      Cross-layer reliability is becoming the preferred solution when reliability is a concern in the design of a microprocessor-based system. Nevertheless, deciding how to distribute the error management across the different ...