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    • Active personal dosemeters in interventional radiology: Tests in laboratory conditions and in hospitals 

      Vanhavere, F.; Tosic, M.; Sans-Merce, M.; Struelens, L.; Martin, P.; Lebacq, A.L; Krim, S.; Koukorava, C.; Clairand, Isabelle; Bordy, J.M.; Daures, J.; Debroas, J.; Denoziere, M.; Donadille, L.; Ginjaume Egido, Mercè; Itie, C. (2011-03)
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      The work package 3 of the ORAMED project, Collaborative Project (2008–11) supported by the European Commission within its seventh Framework Programme, is focused on the optimisation of the use of active personal dosemeters ...
    • Report of IRPA task group on issues and actions taken in response to the change in eye lens dose limit 

      Cantone, Marie Claire; Ginjaume Egido, Mercè; Martin, Colin J; Bordy, J.M.; Dauer, Lawrence T. (2020-12-01)
      Open Access
      In 2018, the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) established its third task group (TG) on the implementation of the eye lens dose limit. To contribute to sharing experience and raising awareness within ...