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    • A new ion cyclotron range of frequency scenario for bulk ion heating in deuterium-tritium plasmas: How to utilize intrinsic impurities in our favour 

      Kazakov, Ye O.; Ongena, Jozef; Van Eester, Dirk; Bilato, Roberto; Dumont, Rémi J.; Lerche, Ernesto A.; Mantsinen, Mervi; Messiaen, André M. (American Institute of Physics Publising LLC, 2015-08-24)
      Open Access
      A fusion reactor requires plasma pre-heating before the rate of deuterium-tritium fusion reactions becomes significant. In ITER, radiofrequency (RF) heating of He ions, additionally puffed into the plasma, is one of the ...
    • Bulk ion heating with ICRF waves in tokamaks 

      Mantsinen, Mervi; Bilato, Roberto; Bobkov, Volodymyr; Kappatou, Athina; McDermott, Rachel; Nocente, Massimo; Odstrcil, Tomas; Tardini, Giovanni; Bernert, Matthias; Dux, Ralph; Hellsten, Torbjörn; Mantica, Paola; Maraschek, Marc; Nielsen, Stefan K.; Noterdaeme, Jean-Marie; Rasmussen, Jens; Ryter, François; Stejner, Morten; Stober, Jörg; Tardocchi, Marco; The ASDEX Upgrade Team and the EUROfusion MST1 Team (AIP, 2015-12-12)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Heating with ICRF waves is a well-established method on present-day tokamaks and one of the heating systems foreseen for ITER. However, further work is still needed to test and optimize its performance in fusion devices ...
    • Electromagnetic turbulence suppression by energetic particle driven modes 

      Siena, Alessandro di; Görler, Tobias; Bañon Navarro, Alejandro; Biancalani, Alessandro; Bilato, Roberto; Mantsinen, Mervi J.; Oliveira Lopes, Felipe Nathan de; Jenko, Frank (IOP Publishing, 2019-09)
      Open Access
      In recent years, a strong reduction of plasma turbulence in the presence of energetic particles has been reported in a number of magnetic confinement experiments and corresponding gyrokinetic simulations. While highly ...
    • Simulations of combined ICRF and NBI heating for high fusion performance in JET 

      Gallart, Daniel; Mantsinen, Mervi; Garzotti, Luca; Bilato, Roberto; Challis, Clive; Garcia, Jerónimo; Gutierrez-Milla, Albert; Johnson, Thomas; Lerche, Ernesto; Sáez, Xavier; van Eester, Dirk (2016-07-08)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access
      We report on simulations aimed at optimizing external heating using neutral beam injection (NBI) and radiofrequency waves in the ion cyclotron range of frequencies (ICRF) for high fusion yield in the JET tokamak. In this ...