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  • Colonic content: effect of diet, meals, and defecation 

    Bendezú García, Álvaro; Mego, Marianela; Monclús Lahoya, Eva; Merino, Xavi; Accarino Garaventa, Anna María; Malagelada Benapres, Juan Ramon; Navazo Álvaro, Isabel; Azpiroz Vidaur, Fernando (2017-01-29)
    Open Access
    The metabolic activity of colonic microbiota is influenced by diet; however, the relationship between metabolism and colonic content is not known. Our aim was to determine the effect of meals, defecation, and diet on colonic ...
  • Colonic content in health and its relation to functional gut symptoms 

    Bendezú García, Álvaro; Barba, Elisabeth; Burri, Emanuel; Cisternas, Daniel; Accarino Garaventa, Anna María; Quiroga, Sergi; Monclús Lahoya, Eva; Navazo Álvaro, Isabel; Malagelada Benapres, Juan Ramon; Azpiroz Vidaur, Fernando (2016-02-12)
    Open Access
    Gut content may be determinant in the generation of digestive symptoms, particularly in patients with impaired gut function and hypersensitivity. Since the relation of intraluminal gas to symptoms is only partial, we ...
  • Quasi-automatic colon segmentation on T2-MRI images with low user effort 

    Orellana, Bernat; Monclús Lahoya, Eva; Brunet Crossa, Pere; Navazo Álvaro, Isabel; Bendezú García, Álvaro; Azpiroz Vidaur, Fernando (Springer, 2018)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    About 50% of the patients consulting a gastroenterology clinic report symptoms without detectable cause. Clinical researchers are interested in analyzing the volumetric evolution of colon segments under the effect of ...
  • Semi-automatic colonic content analysis for diagnostic 

    Ceballos Inza, Víctor; Monclús Lahoya, Eva; Vázquez Alcocer, Pere Pau; Bendezú García, Álvaro; Mego, Marianela; Merino, Xavier; Azpiroz Vidaur, Fernando; Navazo Álvaro, Isabel (European Association for Computer Graphics (Eurographics), 2017)
    Conference lecture
    Open Access
    The analysis of the morphology and content of the gut is necessary in order to understand metabolic and functional gut activity and for diagnostic purposes. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has become an important modality ...