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    • TEFIS: a single access point for conducting multifaceted experiments on heterogeneous test facilities 

      Yannuzzi, Marcelo; Siddiqui, Muhammad Shuaib; Sällström, Annika; Pickering, B.; Serral Gracià, René; Martínez Manzanilla, Anny Gabriela; Chen, W.; Taylor, S.; Benbadis, F.; Leguay, J.; Borrelli, E.; Ormaetxea, I.; Campowsky, K.; Giammatteo, G.; Aristomenopoulos, G.; Papavassiliou, Symeon; Kuczynski, T.; Zielinski, S.; Seigneur, J.M.; Ballester Lafuente, C.; Johansson, J.; Masip Bruin, Xavier; Caria, M.; Ribeiro Junior, J.R.; Salageanu, E.; Latanicki, J. (2014-04-22)
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      A few years ago, an experimental facility composed of networking gear and simulation tools was sufficient for testing the main features of a prototype before the final product could be launched to the Internet market. This ...