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    • A 56-GHz LC-Tank VCO With 17% tuning range in 65-nm bulk CMOS for wireless HDMI 

      González Jiménez, José Luis; Badets, Franck; Martineau, Baudouin; Belot, Didier (2010-03-25)
      Open Access
      A voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) with a central frequency of 56 GHz and a 17% tuning range is presented. The oscillation frequency is tuned both by an analog input and by a 3-bit digital control bus using the same ...
    • A comparison between grounded and floating shield inductors for mmW VCOs 

      González Jiménez, José Luis; Aragonès Cervera, Xavier; Molina Garcia, Marc Manel; Martineau, Baudouin; Belot, Didier (2010)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      A floating-shield inductor implemented in CMOS process is compared with a conventional patterned ground shield inductor for the implementation of a LC voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) operating at mmW frequencies. ...
    • On the electrical properties of slotted metallic planes in CMOS processes for RF and millimeter-wave applications 

      González Jiménez, José Luis; Martineau, Baudouin; Belot, Didier (2012-05-17)
      Restricted access - publisher's policy
      This paper presents a study of the effects of slottedmetallicplanes in passive structures built using CMOSprocesses for RF and millimeter-wave (mmW) applications. The impact of holes on the reference plane resistance and ...