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    • Comparison of empirical interatomic potentials for iron applied to radiation damage studies 

      Becquart, C.S.; Willaime, F.; Terentyev, Dimitry; Serra Tort, Ana María; Nordlund, K.; Malerba, L.; Marinica, M.C.; Anento Moreno, Napoleón; Björkas, C.; Nguyen, H.; Domain, C.; Djurabekova, F.; Olsson, P. (2010)
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      The performance of four recent semi-empirical interatomic potentials for iron, developed or used within the FP6 Perfect Project, is evaluated by comparing them between themselves and with available experimental or, more ...
    • Physical mechanisms and parameters for models of microstructure evolution under irradiation in Fe alloys. Part I: pure Fe 

      Malerba, L.; Anento Moreno, Napoleón; Balbuena, Juan Pablo; Becquart, C.S.; Castin, Nicolas; Caturla, Maria José; Domain, C.; Guerrero, C.; Ortiz, Christophe; Pannier, B.; Serra Tort, Ana María (Elsevier, 2021-12)
      Open Access
      This paper is the first of three that overview the main mechanisms that drive the microstructure evolution in Fe alloys under irradiation. It focuses on pure a-Fe and compiles the parameters that describe quantitatively ...