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    • An intercomparison of mesoscale simulations during the Boundary Layer Late Afternoon and Sunset Turbulence (BLLAST) experimental field campaign 

      Jiménez Cortés, M. Antònia; Angevine, Wayne M.; Bazille, Eric; Couvreux, Fleur; Cuxart Rodamillans, Joan; Pino González, David; Sastre Marugas, Mariano (2014)
      Conference lecture
      Open Access
      The Convective (diurnal, CBL) and Stably stratified (nocturnal, SBL) Boundary Layers over land have been extensively observed and relatively successfully modeled. But the early morning transition, when the CBL emerges from ...
    • Land surface spinup for episodic modeling 

      Angevine, Wayne M.; Bazille, Eric; Legain, Dominique; Pino González, David (2014-08-14)
      Open Access
      Soil moisture strongly controls the surface fluxes in mesoscale numerical models, and thereby influences the boundary layer structure. Proper initialization of soil moisture is therefore critical for faithful simulations. ...