• Computing a visibility polygon using few variables 

    Barba, Luis; Korman Cozzetti, Matías; Langerman, Stefan; Silveira, Rodrigo Ignacio (2014-10-01)
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    We present several algorithms for computing the visibility polygon of a simple polygon P of n vertices (out of which r are reflex) from a viewpoint inside P, when P resides in read-only memory and only few working variables ...
  • On k-enclosing objects in a coloured point set 

    Barba, Luis; Durocher, Stephane; Fraser, Robert; Hurtado Díaz, Fernando Alfredo; Mehrabi, Saeed; Mondal, Debajyoti; Morrison, Jason Morrison; Skala, Matthew; Wahid, Mohammad Abdul (2014)
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    We introduce the exact coloured k -enclosing object problem: given a set P of n points in R 2 , each of which has an associated colour in f 1 ;:::;t g , and a vec- tor c = ( c 1 ;:::;c t ), ...