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    • A reconfigurable antenna with beam steering and beamwidth variability for wireless communications 

      Towfiq, Asaduzzaman; Bahceci, Israfil; Blanch Boris, Sebastián; Romeu Robert, Jordi; Jofre Roca, Lluís; Cetiner, Bedri Artug (2018-07-12)
      Open Access
      A reconfigurable antenna (RA) capable of steering its beam into the hemisphere corresponding to ¿ ¿ {-40°,0°,40°}, Ø ¿ {0°,45°,90°,-45°}, and of changing 3-dB beamwidth, where ¿3dB ¿ (40°,100°), Ø ¿ {45°,90°,-45°} for ...