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    • Automatic multi-partite graph generation from arbitrary data 

      Álvarez García, Sandra; Baeza Yates, Ricardo; Brisaboa, Nieves R.; Larriba Pey, Josep; Pedreira, Oscar (2014-08-22)
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      In this paper we present a generic model for automatic generation of basic multi-partite graphs obtained from collections of arbitrary input data following user indications. The paper also presents GraphGen, a tool that ...
    • Fringe analysis of synchronized parallel insertion algorithms on 2--3 trees 

      Baeza Yates, Ricardo; Gabarró Vallès, Joaquim; Messeguer Peypoch, Xavier; Busquier, Sonia (1999-04)
      Research report
      Open Access
      The fringe analysis studies the distribution of bottom subtrees or fringe of trees under the assumption of random selection of keys, yielding an average case analysis of the fringe of trees. We are interested in the ...
    • On the average size of the intersection of binary trees 

      Baeza Yates, Ricardo; Cases Muñoz, Rafel; Diaz Cort, Josep; Martínez Parra, Conrado (1989-01)
      Research report
      Open Access
      The average-case analysis of algorithms for binary search trees yields very different results from those obtained under the uniform distribution. The analysis itself is more complex and replaces algebraic equations by ...