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  • Shallow structure of part of northwestern Iberia from short-period Rayleigh-wave observations 

    Sarrate, J; Canas Torres, José Antonio; Pujades Beneit, Lluís; Badal, J; Corchete, V; Payo, G (1993-04)
    Open Access
    Propagation of 0.2–2.5 s short-period Rayleigh-waves across a part of northwestern Iberia is investigated. Analysis of a seismic profile line with recorded seismograms up to distances of 70 km from the shot-point, provides ...
  • Short period Rayleigh-wave dispersion applied to the determination of shallow structure. 

    Navarro, M; Corchete Fernández, Víctor; Badal, J; Vidal, F; Canas Torres, José Antonio; Pujades Beneit, Lluís; Caselles Magallón, Josep Oriol (1998-12)
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    Very short-period surface waves are useful to obtai.n the models of shear velocity structure at shallow crustal depths. In this study, we have investigated the shear velocity shallow crustal structure of the Andarax basin ...