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    • A comprehensive solution for securing connected and autonomous vehicles 

      Kamal, Mohsin; Kyrkou, Christos; Piperigkos, Nikos; Papandreou, Andreas; Kloukiniotis, Andreas; Casademont Serra, Jordi; Porras, Natalia; Baños, Daniel; Diaz, Rodrigo; Durante, Nicola Gregorio; Hofmann, Klaus Peter; Kapsalas, Petros; Lalos, Aris; Moustakas, Konstantinos; Laoudias, Christos; Theocharides, Theocharides; Ellinas, Georgios (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2022)
      Conference report
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      With the advent of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) comes the very real risk that these vehicles will be exposed to cyber-attacks by exploiting various vulnerabilities. This paper gives a technical overview of the ...
    • CARAMEL: results on a secure architecture for connected and autonomous vehicles detecting GPS spoofing attacks 

      Vitale, Christian; Piperigkos, Nikos; Laoudias, Christos; Ellinas, Georgios; Casademont Serra, Jordi; Escrig, Josep; Kloukiniotis, Andreas; Lalos, Aris; Moustakas, Konstantinos; Diaz Rodriguez, Rodrigo; Baños, Daniel; Roqueta Crusats, Gemma; Kapsalas, Petros; Hofmann, Klaus Peter; Khodashenas, Pouria Sayyad (2021-05-04)
      Open Access
      The main goal of the H2020-CARAMEL project is to address the cybersecurity gaps introduced by the new technological domains adopted by modern vehicles applying, among others, advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine ...
    • MAGICA project: development of a Multi-frequency Automotive GNSS Integrated Cost effective Antenna 

      Filatov, Evgenii; Vélez, Marco Antonio; Gemio, Joan; Vicente, Jose Javier; Capdevila Paramio, Roser; Tantinyà, Laura; Gil, Alberto; Cardalda, Adrián; Baños, Daniel; Mogas, Pere; Reyes, Joaquín (2021)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      The present work describes the Multi-frequency Automotive GNSS Integrated Cost-effective Antenna (MAGICA) project and the first results. This is a two years project that started in August 2020 under the sponsorship of the ...