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  • HIT intermediate-band solar cells with self-assembled colloidal quantum dots and metal nanoparticles 

    Tobias, Ignacio; Mendes, Manuel; Boronat Moreiro, Alfredo; Lopez, Ester; garcia linares, pablo; Artacho, Irene; Martí, Antonio; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago; Luque, Antonio (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2015)
    Conference lecture
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    The particular opto-electronic properties of chemically synthesized colloidal nanoparticles can be promising for functional materials, as those required for high efficient photovoltaic (PV) devices. In particular, ...
  • Sub-Bandgap external quantum efficiency in Ti implanted Si heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer cells 

    Silvestre Bergés, Santiago; Boronat Moreiro, Alfredo; Colina Brito, Mónica Alejandra; Castañer Muñoz, Luis María; Olea, Javier; Pastor, David; DelPrado, A.; Martil, Ignacio; Gonzalez Diaz, German; Luque, Antonio; Antolin, Elisa; Hernandez, Estela; Ramiro, Iñigo; Artacho, Irene; López, Esther; Martí, Antonio (2013-11)
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    In this work we present the manufacturing processes and results obtained from the characterization of heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer solar cells that include a heavily Ti ion implanted Si absorbing layer. The ...