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    • Assessment of the F2-layer electron density peak inferred from Formosat-3/COSMIC radio occultations over half a Solar Cycle 

      Aragon-Angel, Angela; Limberger, Marco; Hernández Pajares, Manuel; Altadill, David; Dettmering, Denise (2016)
      Conference report
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      GNSS radio occultation (RO) measurements have become crucial to provide valuable information on the vertical electron density structure of the Ionosphere. Ionospheric key parameters such as the maximum electron density ...
    • Estimation of polar depletion regions by VTEC contrast and watershed enhancing 

      Monte Moreno, Enrique; Hernández Pajares, Manuel; Lyu, Haixia; Yang, Heng; Aragon-Angel, Angela (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2021)
      Open Access
      This article presents a method for determining near-Pole ionization depletion regions and troughs from global navigation satellite system (GNSS) vertical total electron content (VTEC) maps. To define the regions, we use ...