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    • Plant genebanks: present situation and proposals for their improvement. The case of the spanish network 

      Díez Niclós, María José; de la Rosa Fernández, Lucía; Martín, Isaura; Guasch, Luís; Cartea, María Elena; Mallor, Cristina; Casals Missio, Joan; Simó Cruanyes, Joan; Rivera Pinzano, Ana; Anastasio, Germán; Prohens, Jaume; Soler, Salvador; Blanca, Jose; Valcárcel, José Vicente; Casañas, Francesc (2018-12-04)
      Open Access
      Genebanks were created by the middle of the twentieth century to preserve cultivatedbiodiversity when landraces began to be substituted by modern varieties. This move wasgenerally accepted as a necessary step to safeguard ...