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    • EURADOS education and training activities 

      Alves, Gustavo; Fantuzzi, Elena; Rühm, Werner; Gilvin, Phil; Vargas Drechsler, Arturo (2019-09-24)
      Open Access
      This paper provides a summary of the Education and Training (E&T) activities that have been developed and organised by the European Radiation Dosimetry Group (EURADOS) in recent years and in the case of Training Courses ...
    • Using the TRAILER tool for managing informal learning in academic and professional contexts: The learner perspective 

      Viegas, M.C.; Marques, Maria Marcelina; Alves, Gustavo; Galanis, Nikolaos (ACM, 2013)
      Conference report
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      Informal Learning plays an important role in everyone's life and yet we often are unaware of it. The need to keep track of the knowledge acquired through informal learning is increasing as its sources become increasingly ...