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    • Underground study of the 17O(p,alpha)18F reaction relevant for explosive hydrogen burning 

      Di Leva, A; Scott, D.A.; Caciolli, A.; Formicola, A.; Strieder, F.; Aliotta, M.; Anders, M.; Bemmerer, D.; Broggini, C.; Corvisiero, P.; Elekes, Z.; Fulop, Zs.; Gervino, G.; Guglielmetti, G.; Gustavino, C.; Gyurky, Gy.; Imbriani, G.; José Pont, Jordi; Junker, M. (2014-01)
      Open Access
      The 17O(p,γ )18F reaction affects the production of key isotopes (e.g., 18F and 18O) in the explosive hydrogen burning that powers classical novae. Under these explosive conditions, the reaction rate is dominated by ...