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    • An algorithmic framework for segmenting trajectories based on spatio-temporal criteria 

      Buchin, Maike; Driemel, Anne; Kreveld, Marc van; Sacristán Adinolfi, Vera (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2010)
      Conference report
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      In this paper we address the problem of segmenting a trajectory such that each segment is in some sense homogeneous. We formally define different spatio-temporal criteria under which a trajectory can be homogeneous, including ...
    • Guide to Spark Machine Learning for credit scoring 

      Orgaz Expósito, Álvaro (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya / Universitat de Barcelona, 2018-07)
      Bachelor thesis
      Open Access
      (eng) This bachelor’s degree thesis aims to develop a predictive analytics guide for credit fraud detection using the Big Data tool Spark. Thus, the essence of this project is structured in three main linked sections ...
    • The partial line digraph technique in the design of large interconnection networks 

      Fiol Mora, Miquel Àngel; Lladó Sánchez, Ana M. (1992-07)
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      The following problem arises in the design of some interconnection networks for distributed systems. Namely, to construct digraphs with given maximum out-degree, reduced diameter, easy routing, good connectivity, and ...