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    • A Cloud robotics architecture to foster individual child partnership in medical facilities 

      Navarro, Joan; Sancho-Asensio, Andreu; Garriga, Carles; Albo-Canals, J.; Ortiz-Villajos Maroto, Julio; Raya Giner, Cristóbal; Angulo Bahón, Cecilio; Miralles, David (2013)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Robots and automation systems have become a valuable partner in several facets of human life: from learning and teaching, to daily working, including health monitoring and assistance. So far, these appealing robot-based ...
    • Comparing two LEGO Robotics-Based Interventions for Social Skills Training with Children with ASD 

      Albo-Canals, J.; Díaz Boladeras, Marta; Angulo Bahón, Cecilio (2013)
      Conference report
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      This paper presents an analysis of two comparable studies with LEGO Robotics-based activities in a social skills training program for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). One study has been carried out with a ...