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  • Glissando: a corpus for multidisciplinary prosodic studies in Spanish and Catalan 

    Garrido, Juan Maria; Escudero, David; Aguilar, Lourdes; Cardeñoso Payo, V.; Rodero, Emma; de-la-Mota, Carme; González, César; Vivaracho, C. E.; Rustullet, Sílvia; Larrea, Olatz; Laplaza, Yesika; Vizcaíno, Francisco; Estebas, Eva; Cabrera, Mercedes; Bonafonte Cávez, Antonio (2013-12)
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    Literature review on prosody reveals the lack of corpora for prosodic studies in Catalan and Spanish. In this paper, we present a corpus intended to fill this gap. The corpus comprises two distinct data-sets, a news subcorpus ...
  • Recent work on the FESTCAT database for speech synthesis 

    Bonafonte Cávez, Antonio; Esquerra Llucià, Ignasi; Aguilar, Lourdes; Oller Moreno, Sergio; Moreno Bilbao, M. Asunción (2009)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    This paper presents our work around the FESTCAT project, whose main goal was the development of voices for the Festival suite in Catalan. In the first year, we produced the corpus and the speech data needed for build ...