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    • Efficient development of high performance data analytics in Python 

      Álvarez Cid-Fuentes, Javier; Alvarez, Pol; Amela Milian, Ramon; Ishii, Kuninori; Morizawa, Rafael K.; Badia Sala, Rosa Maria (Elsevier, 2019-10-04)
      Open Access
      Our society is generating an increasing amount of data at an unprecedented scale, variety, and speed. This also applies to numerous research areas, such as genomics, high energy physics, and astronomy, for which large-scale ...
    • Hunting for open clusters in Gaia DR2: 582 new open clusters in the galactic disc 

      Castro Ginard, Alfred; Jordi Nebot, Carme; Luri Carrasco, Xavier; Álvarez Cid-Fuentes, Javier; Casamiquela, Laia; Anders, Friedrich; Cantat Gaudin, Tristan; Monguió Montells, Maria; Balaguer Núñez, Lola; Solà Martinell, Salvi; Badia Sala, Rosa Maria (EDP Sciences, 2020-03-04)
      Open Access
      Context. Open clusters are key targets for studies of Galaxy structure and evolution, and stellar physics. Since the Gaia data release 2 (DR2), the discovery of undetected clusters has shown that previous surveys were ...
    • Managing failures in task-based parallel workflows in distributed computing environments 

      Ejarque, Jorge; Bertran, Marta; Álvarez Cid-Fuentes, Javier; Conejero, Javier; Badia Sala, Rosa Maria (Springer, Cham, 2020)
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      Open Access
      Current scientific workflows are large and complex. They normally perform thousands of simulations whose results combined with searching and data analytics algorithms, in order to infer new knowledge, generate a very large ...
    • Workflow environments for advanced cyberinfrastructure platforms 

      Badia Sala, Rosa Maria; Ejarque Artigas, Jorge; Lordan Gomis, Francesc; Lezzi, Daniele; Conejero Bañón, Javier; Álvarez Cid-Fuentes, Javier; Becerra Fontal, Yolanda; Queralt Calafat, Anna (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Progress in science is deeply bound to the effective use of high-performance computing infrastructures and to the efficient extraction of knowledge from vast amounts of data. Such data comes from different sources that ...