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    • K-1,K-3-covering red and blue points in the plane 

      Ábrego, Bernardo M.; Fernández Merchant, Silvia; Kano, Mikio; Orden, David; Pérez Lantero, Pablo; Seara Ojea, Carlos; Tejel Altarriba, Francisco Javier (Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2019-01-31)
      Open Access
      We say that a finite set of red and blue points in the plane in general position can be K1,3-covered if the set can be partitioned into subsets of size 4, with 3 points of one color and 1 point of the other color, in such ...
    • Proximity graphs inside large weighted graphs 

      Ábrego, Bernardo M.; Fabila Monroy, Ruy; Fernández-Merchant, Silvia; Flores Peñaloza, David; Hurtado Díaz, Fernando Alfredo; Meijer, Henk; Sacristán Adinolfi, Vera; Saumell Mendiola, Maria (2010)
      Conference report
      Open Access
      Given a large weighted graph G = (V;E) and a subset U of V , we de¯ne several graphs with vertex set U in which two vertices are adjacent if they satisfy some prescribed proximity rule. These rules use the shortest path ...