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  • Current Developments on Optical Feedback Interferometry as an All-Optical Sensor for Biomedical Applications 

    Perchoux, Julien; Quotb, Adam; Atashkhooei, Reza; Azcona Guerrero, Francisco Javier; Ramírez Miquet, Evelio E.; Bernal, Olivier; Jha, Ajit; Luna Arriaga, Antonio; Yáñez Alvarado, Carlos René; Caum Aregay, Jesús; Bosch, Thierry; Royo Royo, Santiago (2016-05-13)
    Open Access
    Optical feedback interferometry (OFI) sensors are experiencing a consistent increase in their applications to biosensing due to their contactless nature, low cost and compactness, features that fit very well with current ...
  • Optical depth sectioning in self-mixing lasers for biomedical applications 

    Cabedo Bru, Josep (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2015-09-07)
    Master thesis
    120 months embargo
    Self-mixing interferometry is a measurement technique based on the effect that in a laser the reinjection of emitted light back-reflected into its cavity has on the the properties of the laser itself. In diode lasers, ...