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  • Conjunctival Short-term Evolution after Pterygium Excision 

    Julio Morán, Gemma; Lluch Margarit, Sara; Pujol Vives, Pere; Merindano Encina, M. Dolores; Marqués Calvo, M. Soledad (2015-07-01)
    Open Access
    Purpose To analyze conjunctival cytological features 1 month after pterygium excision using limbo-conjunctival autograft (LCA) with and without intraoperative mitomycin C and to assess tissue short-term evolution in both ...
  • Threshold to predict astigmatism reduction after pterygium excision 

    Pujol Vives, Pere; Julio Morán, Gemma; de Carvalho Mendes Castanheira, Amélia Maria; Kostov, Belchin Adriyanov; Pujol Vives, Pere (2014-07-01)
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    Purpose. To compare corneal astigmatism after pterygium excision, using limbal-conjunctival autograft (LCA) with and without mitomycin C (MMC) and to establish a threshold for postoperative astigmatism reduction.; Methods. ...