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  • Convergence to steady-state and boundary layer profiles in a linear chromatography system 

    Menacho, Joaquín; Solà-Morales Rubió, Joan de (2015-01-01)
    Restricted access - publisher's policy
    We study the hyperbolic system of equations of the so-called linear transport model in a true moving bed chromatography device with four ports. By using methods based on a suitable energy functional we show that all solutions ...
  • Crossflow instability of finite Bödewadt flows: transients and spiral waves 

    López, Juan A.; Marqués Truyol, Francisco; Rubio, Antonio M.; Àvila Cañellas, Marc (2009-11)
    Open Access
    The flow in an enclosed rotating cylinder with a stationary lower end wall is investigated numerically. For fast rotation rates, the flow in the interior is primarily in the azimuthal direction, with an angular momentum ...